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نظرا" للوضع الاقتصادي الحالي في لبنان، سوف تخضع اسعارنا للتغيير اليومي حسب سعر صرف الدولار.
Anchovy Filet 200g Out-of-Stock
Anchovy Filet 200g
Crab Roll 76,477 LBP
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Crab Slices 140,007 LBP
Crab Slices Add to Cart
Crab Sticks x12 95,144 LBP
Crab Sticks x12 Add to Cart
Crab Sticks x30 265,862 LBP
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Crab Supreme x10 Out-of-Stock
Crab Supreme x10
Grated Crab 135,792 LBP
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Small Crab Sticks With Mayo Sauce x20 122,845 LBP
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Herring Filet 200g 126,759 LBP
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Spanish Mussels 200g Out-of-Stock
Spanish Mussels 200g
Baby Octopus 200g Out-of-Stock
Baby Octopus 200g
Seafood Salad 200g Out-of-Stock
Seafood Salad 200g
Shrimp 70/90 200g Out-of-Stock
Shrimp 70/90 200g
Bocconcini Squid 200g 277,003 LBP
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